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***Ecco, Miguel, King & Julius står till tjänst för avel! / Ecco, Miguel, King & Julius is offered as stud!***




"PHOTONEWS" be ready to scroll...!! ;)

All year coming up soon...

































Ecco started September by winning BOB and BEST IN SHOW under well known judge Anne Livö Buvik in Sätra Brunn Gundogshow!!































































































































































































































































































































After WDS we had some time off shows and enjoyed the end of summer... some random photos from our warm and nice summer..

Family all dressed up when we were at dear friends wedding..

Some photos from our very nice weekend in Helsinki and the World Dog Show!

Ecco was number 3 in a huge Championclass (best particolour)! Pinglan was number 4 in a huge juniorclass and Pebbles was unplaced in a huge openclass..
We also had breedersgroup and was placed number 4, also very many groups.


* Photos from World Dog show coming up...

New photos of Jolenes puppies! 7,8 & 10  weeks!

So happy and proud over Ecco's achievment making a "hattrick" with BOB x 3 this Triple Dogshow weekend!!

3:rd day at Triple International Dogshow in Jönköping and 3:rd BOB!!!
Ecco -CIE NORDUCH NORD W-13 Bundessieger -12 NO W-09 SEVCH Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream

BOS, CAC, CACIB and Swedish Champion today: Ricemountains Caol Ila!! Big congrats to Marie Johansson!!

Thanks to judge Karin Linde Klerholm!
We had no time to stay for the final today..

Ecco -CIE NORDUCH NORD W-13 NO W-09 Bundessieger -12 SEVCH Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream BOB & CACIB also at 2:nd day in Jönköping triple International Show!!
Kakan -Dark Wing's Taste of Summercake BOS, CAC, CACIB and Swedish Champion today! Congrats Therese Ida Dahl!

Thanks to judge Eva Liljekvist Borg!

Had a super day today in Jönköping International Show!!
*Ecco - CIE NORDUCH NORD W-13 NO W-09 Bundessieger-12 SEVCH Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream won BOB & CACIB and was Shortlisted among top 5 in the final!!
*Pebbles -SE JW-13 NO JW-13 Herbst Jugendsieger Perchwater Precious Diamond was 2:nd Best Bitch with CAC & R-CACIB (will be a Cacib because winner already is CIE!)
*Pinglan -Perchwater Queen Of Hearts won juniorclass and was "5:th" best bitch!
*Alice Sweets For My Sweet was 2:nd, exl in intermediate!
Perchwater had Best Breedersgroup and was Shortlisted 6 out of 25 groups!!!
Big Thanks and congrats to Stina Frankesjö for 3:d place in juniorhandling with Pebbles and for helping me in Best Bitch handling Pebbles! Big Thanks to all judges!!

Perchwater BOB-breedersgroup and shortlisted among the 5 best! 4 combinations!

Stina & Pebbles

Pebbles showing off and gained her 3:rd CAC! Not showned since January!












































































Bjuv open cockershow Vera & Ecco BIS & BIS-R

New photos of Jolenes puppies! 6 weeks!


New photos of Jolenes puppies! 3, 4 & 5 weeks!


First time we have been to Ronneby, we went all family and had some nice warm days, and what a beautiful place!
At Ronneby International Show, My super-boy Ecco was BOB once again!! :) and also shortlisted in the final!
Thanks to Mr Rune Fagerberg for lovely critique!

Pinglan 1 year! Perchwater Queen Of Hearts

























































Another Super day in SSRK Gränna June 15:th! Ecco was BOB and later BEST IN SHOW under Mr Bertil Lundgren!!
Huge thanks for lovely critique!!


Perchwater-puppies are born!!
Yesterday morning (June 5:th), Jolene got 6 beautiful puppies at only 2 hours! What a superbitch! And she is such a loving mom! 3 males, 1 b/w & 2 blue, 3 bitches probably all b/w! All have already increased in weight




































































































































































































































































Hasslarp Gundogshow x 2:

Super day today!! Ecco BOB and runner up Best In Show!! King 3:rd Best Male! Pinglan won juniorclass and was 3:rd Best Bitch with CAC and she was also BOB-Junior!! All got Fantastic critique!! Thanks to all the judges these 2 days and to SSRK south for a lovely arranged show as always! And Thanks to Anne & Marie for Great company and staying in your caravans!!

BOS Multi CH Cockergold All My Life, thanks to judge Mikael Tranholm

Ecco -Runner Up Best In Show!

Day 1 Hasslarp
Ecco's daughter Maggan -Ch Backhill's X-pect A New Day BOB, Ecco BOS, thanks to judge Jan Roger Sauge!

Pinglan got CAC when Mikael Tranholm was judging, photo from other day..


West Cockerclub open show:

Stort stort tack till Hanna Svanberg och Ellen Hermansson som ställde upp med kort varsel och hjälpte mig på Cocker utställningen idag!! Stort tack Anne Gunnarsson för att du hämtade tjejerna och för all hjälp och stort GRATTIS till Emma's BIS (Kingens kullsyster)!! Stort tack också till mamma Carina Ankerson och mina små tjejer Matilda och Maja-Stina för all hjälp!! Även tack Jannika Kullberg och Therese Kullberg och grattis till Alice Västsveriges snabbaste cocker! Och sist men inte minst min man Michael Jensen för resesällskap till Hässleholm! Utan er alla hade detta inte varit möjligt!! Ni är guld värda!

Pim-Pim -
NVV-11 SE U(u)CH NUCH SE VCH Perchwater Mr Rainbow won veteranclass and was BIS-R veteran 11 years old!

Tack Ellen för att du visade Kingen så fint! :)

Tack Hanna för att du visade Miguel så fint! :)

Miguel had BIS-Progenygroup! Thank you girls for helping me out when we had to go to Hässleholm and go in the BIS-finals!

Altough I find it a bit strange that none of my 3 topwinning males were regocnized and one of them was BOB, BOG and BIS-4 under 3 other judges day before/same day! and his littesister went BIS?

Barn med hund Västra Cockerklubben <-Click on this link and watch my sweet girls doing minijuniorhandling!
Matilda with Docka and Maja-Stina with Miguel!!


Hässleholm Int. Show:
Today King got his last CAC and can now add some titles!!! NORDUCH, SE U(U)CH, NOUCH, DKUCH!!!! And he was also BOB, with CACIB!!! On top of the cake he was BEST OF GROUP!!! What a day!!! Huge thanks to breedjudge Mr Simon Mills, Australia and groupjudge Jessie Henriette Borregaard Madsen!!

On Sunday we drove back to Hässleholm for BIS and King was Best In Show-4 under judge Mr Jochen Eberhart, Germany!!!

Wavecatcher Magic Everdream
(out of MultiCh Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream x Ch Perchwater Blue Magic Princess)



Lidköping Nat:

Ecco BOS and MultiCh Wavecatcher Summertime Bluepearl BOB! :) Thanks to judge Aase Jakobssen!

Miguels Progenygroup was BIS-3!! :) and little Maja-Stina 6 years was a so good little handler of Pinglan :)





















































































































































































Forshaga Gundogshow:

Super day at Forshaga Gundogshow!! Ecco -Multich Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream was BOB and Best In Show-2!! King -Wavecatcher Magic Everdream was 3:rd Best male with CAC!! Pinglan -Perchwater Queen Of Hearts won juniorclass and was 2:nd Best Bitch with CAC!! Ecco also had Best In Show Progenygroup!! What a day!! Huge thanks to the judge Karin Brostam Berglund

*Ecco* -
NORD W-13 Bundessieger-12 C.I.E  NORDUCH SE U(u)CH  NO UCH  DKUCH NO W-09  SE VCH
Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream BOB & Best In Show-2!

BOS : Ecco's daughter Maggan -Ch Backhill's X-pect A New Day

*Pinglan* Perchwater Queen Of Hearts won juniorclass and was 2:nd best bitch with her first CAC only 9 months old!!

King -Wavecatcher Magic Everdream was 3:rd Best male with his 15:th CAC!!

This is *Morris* -Perchwater Moonlight Drive
out of Ecco and Docka :) Lovely boy, litterbrother to Jagger -Perchwater Moves Like Jagger!!
Stolt handler Marith Söderquist :)


Kungsbacka Gundogshow:

Ecco had BIS-2 Progenygroup! Thanks to judge Kim Bay!

Some Miguel-puppies:

Stardelight out of Perchwater Hope'N'Glory

Perchwater Rock My Heart (from Perchwater Dream Of My Heart)

Perchwater Key To My Heart (from Perchwater Dream Of My Heart)

Some juniorbitches by Miguel and Vera -Wavecatcher Summertime Bluepearl, exept the first who is by Perchwater Hope'N'Glory














































































































Crufts 2014:

It was the longest trip by car we have ever made (2000 km), but we had a lot of fun!! It was me, Michael and Ann that travelled together and we made our first stop at our dear friends Sandra and Achim Wapniewski in Dortmund where we had a lot of fun and great time as always! The day after we travelled to Calais where we stayed the night and in the morning we went with the boat to Dover and drove to Birmingham! Then we went to Crufts to make some shopping and the day after we also had shoppingday and preparing the dogs, Sandra and Achim also met us at the hotel and we had a lovely evening! Then the day was there! I was soo nervous when I entered the ring with King!! No one noticed but I was !! But when I entered with Ecco not so nervous... after the show we went back to Dover and Calais, spent the night in Calais again and the day after we drove all way home!! It was a really fun and learning adventure!! We'll just see if we do it again... ;)

Ecco's both beautiful sons did great at Crufts! Jagger was in 3 different classes and was placed in all!!
Judge Mrs Sandy Platt

King -Wavecatcher Magic Everdream was placed 3:rd in a huge yearlingclass!!

Ecco at Crufts, no placement... only shortlisted.

 The judge had brought saucages for the dogs! I was very surpriced! ;)

Me and Michael in Calais...


Malmö Int. Ecco had Best In Show Progenygroup again :)























































































International Show in Bö, Norway:

*Docka* NORD W-13 C.I.E NORDUCH NO UCH  DK UCH  SE U(u)CH Perchwater Queen'N'Magic
gained her Norwegian CAC and got her Norwegian and Nordic titles!!
She was also Best Bitch with CACIB and BOS!

SSRK Mjölby Gundogshow:

NORD W-13 Bundessieger-12 C.I.E  NORDUCH SE U(u)CH  NO UCH  DKUCH NO W-09  SE VCH
Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream BOS & Best In Show-BOS!!

Thanks to judge Fredrik Norgren & Kim Bay, DK!

*Pinglan* Perchwater Queen Of Hearts was BOB-puppy & BIS-2 Puppy!
























































































































































My Dog International day 2

*Miguel* SE U(U)CH DKUCH SE JW-12 Haradwater Dare To Dream Best Of Breed again!! :)
Thanks to judge Benny Blid!!

*Pinglan* Perchwater Queen Of Hearts was BOS-puppy both days!

My Dog International day 1

*Miguel* SE U(U)CH DKUCH SE JW-12 Haradwater Dare To Dream Best Of Breed and gained his last CAC for his Swedish and Danish titles only 6 days after his 2:nd birthday!! Thanks to judge Zeferino Da Silva, Portugal!!

*Pinglan* Perchwater Queen Of Hearts was BOS-puppy both days!

Ecco also had BEST IN SHOW progenygroup for the 4:th year in a row!!
This year with 4 different combinations of bitches :)
















































































TOP COCKERS 2013 at Kennel Perchwater!!

Love my dogs to bits!!

King -Wavecatcher Magic Everdream he have totally gained 14 CAC this year in 4 different countries!! And walk in his fathers fotsteps winning TOP Junior Of The Year!!

  Pim-Pim finally get the title TOP VETERAN!! at 10 years of age!!

Jagger -Multiwinning Perchwater Moves like Jagger #1 TOP JUNIOR ALL BREEDS in Portgal!!
He is out of Ecco and Docka!!









































































































3x International and winnershows in Finland!
On Saturday and NORDIC WINNER we had the most amazing day!!!
I had Ecco and Docka with me and they was BOB & BOS!!! How amazing!!
And Docka gained her last CACIB for her International title!! Sooo proud and HAPPY!!!
Huge thanks again to wellknown and highly respectable judge Mr Henric Fryckstrand!!

BOB: NORDW-13 Bundessiger-12 C.I.E NORDUCH NO V-09 SE VCH SE U(U)CH DKUCH NOUCH Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream
BOS: NORDW-13 C.I.E SE U(U)CH DKUCH Perchwater Queen'N'Magic

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